About Us

badgercubThe charity was set up in 1993 to meet a perceived need to care for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

We operate a rescue, care, rehabilitation and release service, 24 hours a day, in and around Wiltshire and to try to redress the balance between man and our wild environment by giving those that we harm, either directly or indirectly, a second chance to live a full life.

We have over 100 volunteers and 17 acres of land at Newton Tony. So far on site we have mostly indoor facilities, intensive care, kenneling, pens and aviaries.  We are in the process of building some more outdoor pens and aviaries as well as improving on the facilities we have in the barn.

We deal with around 3000 animals each year and to care for them properly by providing special requirements and facilities:


Whether you want to make a donation or volunteer… we need you!