Summer 2014 newsletter – an update from Mike

Category News

It’s good to see ourselves produce a quarterly newsletter again. Also, it is great to see the overwintered species released. It’s quite a heavy workload and costly, but works well. As usual replacement inpatients aren’t good enough to wait and the Spring and Summertime influx has been steady. Luckily, we have a number of regular volunteer helpers and collectors/rescuers to help keep on top of the work. There are gaps where some days are a bit light in help, which is what you get when you are a charity reliant on volunteers. Also, we are getting short of rescuers around the area, in particular, ones who can handle the more difficult and dangerous species. Anyone who would like to step up to the plate at the hospital or out doing rescues, do come forward.

On another note, I had hoped to report how we were getting on with the purpose built facilities within the main barn, which would give us secure and controlled areas for inpatients. We seem to have been let down yet again by the builders who were to head up the project. It is really disappointing, none of us are getting any younger and if we are to make this hospital work in the long term then we need good facilities that are earlier to use. Anyone who can help, once again, please do come forward. Funding is the other area that could do with some help. Anyone who would like to help attract some more money into the coffers please do just make yourself known.

So, we could do better,  with developing facilities and funding, but the animal care, which has to be the most important aspect of our work, I consider to be exemplary. We always wish to do better and with better facilities and more help & funds, we would. Please do remember that we are manned by volunteers and funded mostly by donations, any help that you can give us can only improve things.

Mike Korkis – Hospital Manager and Chairman