The Snow Badger

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Every year the snow brings with it many animals that need help and the snow we had a few weeks ago was no exception. We were amazed to get a call out to an albino badger, which are exceptionally rare and an animal that we’ve never seen before at the hospital.

We believe he’d been hit by a car but he also had puncture wounds on his face and shoulder which had caused septicaemia.

Back at the hospital we tried to keep him going with anti-biotic and regular fluid injections but sadly, after four days, he died.

When badgers fight they are very aggressive and normally tear at the rump and neck. The wounds on our albino badger we not contestant of this as they were neat puncture wounds. We will never be certain as to what happened to him but what we do know is that he was 4-5 years old and probably had offspring so hopefully there are some more of these rare animals out there.

Albino Badger